At Bloojam we believe strongly in sharing and broadening the debate on various topics. So, we’re introducing a new monthly blog where we will share 5 interesting articles from the HR and national media.

This month’s selection is primarily focused on leadership development and the candidate/employee experience.

Sure fire ways of losing your talent and how to avoid the pitfalls
(HR Director)

Leaders who consistently ignore the subtle and explicit signals of unhappy employees are almost certain to face talent retention issues – leaders need to be talking to their employees’ one on one and prioritising this in their leadership hierarchy and building this capability into their everyday leadership skill set.

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What amazing bosses do differently
(Harvard Business Review)

This is an excellent piece in Harvard Business Review on ‘meaning’. Leaders need to inspire their people with a vision, set them challenging goals, and boost their confidence so they believe they can succeed.

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Do your employees feel respected?
(Harvard Business Review)

Leaders can regularly misunderstand what respect really means to their employees. Do your people feel respected? It’s a question we should all be asking ourselves.

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Seven ways to create an awesome candidate experience
(Personnel Today)

While this piece focuses on the candidate experience, some of the recommendations can also apply to development. Despite many employers making efforts to improve their candidate/employee experience, some are still falling short on the simplest aspects.

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And finally,
 have you read our interview with Mark Blackmore of Lammore Consulting? Mark shares his thoughts on key sales trends and his advice for sales leaders – all in 5 minutes! Did you know the shortest sales manual in the world is just 16 words long?

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