Transform Your Sales Team With Acuity 360 Talent Audit

Bloojam’s online 360 solution enables you to measure your salesforce against 9 key capabilities that are statistically proven to be exhibited by top sales performers who deliver c25% more sales than their peers.

The Acuity 360 Talent Audit enables individuals and organisations to gain valuable insights into the strengths and development needs of their salesforce. Significantly it allows you to hear directly from your customers what they think of your salespeople alongside more traditional rater groups such as Line Managers, Peers and Direct Reports.

Acuity 360 Talent Audit is a powerful analytical tool that will enable you to:

  • Evaluate the success of training and development interventions by measuring the progression of your salespeople over time
  • Compare sales capability to actual sales performance to determine which behaviours drive the greatest sales
  • Benchmark the performance of your sales team
  • Provide individuals with clear development activities that will address critical behaviours from the Acuity Strategic Sales model
  • Support talent management and succession planning
  • Efficiently monitor and manage the 360 completion process, prompting raters when required
What is 360 Feedback?

The process by which an individual can evaluate themselves against a set of behaviour statements and ask others to also rate these statements. The results are compiled in a report which shows how each group of raters has evaluated the individual against those statements.

Where can 360 feedback add value?

Some of the common applications for 360 feedback include:

  • 121 Feedback and Coaching: The 360 feedback report enables the coach to quickly focus in on the key development needs of the individual using powerful feedback from those people who know that salesperson best.
  • Training and Development: At a group level the 360 data can be used to identify the strengths and development needs of a sales team or function, enabling any training or development programme to be tailored to those needs, thereby ensuring maximum value for the client. For the individual they can use their personal 360 feedback report to identify what they need to address, and to create a personal development plan in advance of any training, so that they are fully focused on ensuring that the training will add most value for them.
  • Talent Management: 360 data can be used to benchmark talent within an organisation, to identify high performers and those that require development, to identify those with potential to progress further and to create succession plans.
Why should I use the Acuity 360 Talent Audit for my sales team?
  • Top performers are proven to exhibit the sales capabilities measured in the Acuity 360 Talent Audit and deliver c25% more in sales than their peers.
  • Whilst other 360s allow you to gather feedback from an individual’s line manager, peers and direct reports, the Acuity 360 Talent Audit is unique in enabling you to hear from the most important stakeholder: your customer.
  • The Acuity 360 Talent Audit is based upon the Acuity Strategic Sales model, a comprehensive, research-led analysis of the key qualities that drive success in a strategic sales role.
  • The Acuity 360 Talent Audit has been designed by Business Psychologists with years of experience of analysing behaviour in sales roles across many different industries.
  • The powerful data analytics enable you to assess the success of training and development programmes to help you get maximum return from your training budget. It also enables you to track and measure the progress of individuals over time.
  • The modern system interface is user-friendly and accessible via mobile device enabling your sales team to respond on-the-go and in real time.
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