A powerful diagnostic and development tool for B2B sales roles

Strategic B2B sales is increasingly complex due to a number of factors:

  • Customers are better informed about their options as they have access to more information than they had in the past
  • There are more stakeholders on the client side who are involved in a purchasing decision
  • The products or services being sold are increasingly complex in nature as sales organisations seek to distinguish their offer from the competition
  • Reluctance to purchase increases as the size and complexity of the solution increases

The rules of the game have changed. In this environment a new type of seller is required. We call this approach Acuity for Strategic Sales.

Measure What Matters

Building a high-performing sales organisation requires a focus on capability not process.

The Acuity for Strategic Sales Model is based upon a wide-ranging and comprehensive review of credible sales research encompassing tens of thousands of salespeople. From this research, 9 key capabilities emerge that distinguish high-performing salespeople from their peers.

These define the WHY, WHAT and HOW of successful strategic sales.

Sales At The Centre

Unlike other online sales assessments, Acuity has B2B sales at its core.

  • Individuals are required to reflect upon how they behave when engaged in specific sales scenarios
  • Unique questionnaire design measures both an individual’s motivation for selling as well as the behaviours they exhibit
  • Cutting-edge questionnaire format reduces risk of artificially high results

Reporting and Data Analytics

Acuity enables you to evaluate individual, team and organisational sales capability. Individual reports highlight:

  • Key strengths and development priorities
  • Dynamic, personalised feedback relevant to the individual
  • Practical actions and activities targeted at the lowest scoring Acuity capabilities

Acuity Sales Benchmarking creates actionable insights for sales leaders by:

  • Analysing performance of the group against the Acuity benchmark
  • Highlighting group strengths and development priorities
  • Differentiating between SKILL and WILL
  • Identifying the development interventions that will have the greatest impact


  • New Hires- robustly assess talent in the market to recruit with confidence
  • Promotion- identify those with the capability to excel at the next level
  • High potential- find the sales stars of the future within your own organisation
  • Development- provide individuals with targeted feedback and recommended actions to drive personal ownership
  • Training Needs Analysis- establish the key priorities for teams to maximise training ROI
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