In Professional Services business development capability has always been important, never more so than now. Opportunities to increase revenue and to expand market share were already scarce; and now, unprecedented economic uncertainty seems set to be the ‘new normal’ for some time to come.

There will be winners.

Your people will make the difference. It will not be their technical expertise or their leadership skills that differentiate them from the competition. Like you, your competitors have always invested in developing these aspects of their people.

It will be the business development capability of the whole firm that will be the key to success.

To position your business for growth it will be critical to enhance the business development capabilities of all client-facing colleagues if you are to maximise every hard-fought opportunity.

Do you know the capabilities that deliver superior business development performance?

Bloojam do. And we can develop these in your team.

The Acuity for Professional Services Model

We combine our knowledge of behavioural psychology with insights from credible sales studies and our own powerful data analytics to reveal the business development capabilities that top performers have, and that can be developed in others.

We call this methodology Acuity.

Acuity measures the key behaviours that are statistically proven to be exhibited by high performers who deliver c25% more revenue than their peers. Our suite of tools enable you to develop these capabilities in your organisation, to identify high potential and to recruit into your business with confidence.

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