Our unique methodology blends behavioural insights with data analytics to create tailored development programmes that maximise the potential of your sales team. We call it Acuity and some of the world's best brands trust it to support their B2B sales teams...

What is Acuity?

Acuity measures the critical sales capabilities, a unique blend of drive, behaviours and attributes, that top performers utilise to be successful.

Use Acuity in your business to hire and retain the best sales talent.

Businesses that work with Bloojam achieve huge ROI

  • Enhanced sales performance among high and core performers
  • Increased employee retention and engagement
  • Better hiring decisions and reduced recruitment costs
  • Tailored development interventions that maximise training investment




sharpness; keenness of perception or quickness of thought

the ability to see, hear or think accurately and clearly

Acuity for Strategic Sales Framework

A unique perspective on your people

We combine expertise in business psychology with rich data analytics to measure the key behavioural capabilities that underpin high performance in B2B sales roles.

This unique perspective enables our clients to benchmark their sales capabilities agains the market, giving them clear and actionable insights into what they need to do to achieve their growth ambitions.

The powerful data analytics allow clients to interrogate their data at team and individual level so that they can make better decisions about how they support salespeople to become high performers.

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