We are Bloojam

Bloojam Consulting are the creators of Acuity, the world’s only evidence-based sales capability framework for identifying star candidates and developing sales teams to achieve an uplift of c25%.

Bloojam are business psychologists; our speciality is sales. We provide answers.

What does sales talent look like? How does talent sound? What does talent feel like? Where can you find talent?

How do businesses spot talent? How should businesses organise talent? How should businesses develop talent?

And can talent really be assessed accurately remotely?

On the surface talented, high performing salespeople may appear to be very different in how they succeed. Bloojam gets beneath the skin to define the core capabilities; attributes, behaviours and skills that your high performers call upon, sometimes unwittingly, to be successful. At Bloojam we can deliver all of our solutions face-to-face or virtually. More than fifteen years’ experience of assessing and developing salespeople has enabled us to develop a robust, in-depth solution that will enable your business to continue to hire and retain the best sales talent available – even when it looks like your whole world just changed!

Businesses that work with Bloojam achieve huge ROI:

  • Increase sales performance among high and core performers
  • Increase employee retention and engagement (Bloojam stickiness)
  • Increase the efficacy of hiring decisions and reduce recruitment costs
  • Reduce training spend through targeted training and development
  • Improve and accelerate performance improvement plan outcomes.

Our commitment to you.

Our research into what makes salespeople successful has led us to understand what buyers expect from selling organisations.

We know that you want to work with individuals who will challenge your thinking, add insight, and be a trusted partner. That is our commitment to you.

How does Bloojam work?

Bloojam gets everywhere; it gets to all those hard to find places in the back of your peoples’ minds. We apply the science of psychology and our 15 years of experience at Bloojam to discover the truth of what makes your business and your team successful. We then build and organise that knowledge to explain and predict the capabilities required to repeat that success to greater effect in the future.

Bloojam will help you to understand the people issues in your business.

Whilst the problems you face and the symptoms shown are clear, the causes of these are not so apparent and may be hidden. Bloojam helps to find out what lies beneath the surface.

Bloojam will help you to improve the performance of your teams and deliver your business strategy.

Using proven, reputable tools, technology and techniques Bloojam will design the solution that works for you. This ensures that you have clearly identified strengths and development opportunities for your current and future employees thereby linking your talent strategy with your business strategy.

Bloojam will help you to make great hiring decisions.

Identifying the capabilities of your successful people sets the standards against which to measure and assess the capabilities, competencies and motivations of potential recruits. Bloojam will provide you with the right evidence-based approach using psychometric tests, personality measurements and in-depth assessment methods to ensure that new team members meet your standards.

Bloojam will help you to retain great people.

Understanding your people, using this knowledge not only to recruit but also to recognise and reward attainment and development will create a culture of success, improve engagement and increase retention.

Bloojam will help you transform business performance through improved employee performance.

Business transformation requires people transformation and cultural change. Getting to the core of what talent looks, feels and sounds like will allow you to uncover that talent and deploy that talent to deliver your business goals. With Bloojam, your talent strategy will deliver your business strategy.