Welcome to Bloojam, home of Acuity. The world’s only evidence-based measure of sales capability proven to drive improved revenue performance.
Acuity measures the critical sales capabilities; a complex combination of drive, behaviours and skills that top performers utilise to be successful. Use Acuity in your business to hire and retain the best sales talent available.
Businesses that work with Bloojam achieve huge ROI:
  •  Enhanced sales performance among high and core performers
  •  Increased employee retention and engagement
  •  Better hiring decisions and reduced recruitment costs
  •  Tailored development interventions that maximise training investment
  •  Greater ownership for personal improvement.
Our research into what makes salespeople successful means we understand what buyers expect from selling organisations. We know that you want to work with individuals who will challenge your thinking, add insight, and act as a trusted partner. That is our commitment to you.

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