Established in 2005, we are business psychologists specialising in the capabilities that drive success in B2B sales roles. We apply behavioural science and our 15 years’ experience of working with salespeople to uncover what makes your sales team, and your business, successful. We build and organise that knowledge to codify the key capabilities that will accelerate your sales and revenue growth.
Bloojam will help you to understand the people issues in your business
Whilst the problems you face and the symptoms shown are clear, the causes of these may be hidden. Bloojam helps you to find out what lies beneath the surface and what you can do about it.
Bloojam will help you to improve the performance of your teams and deliver your business strategy
B2B sales is complex. And the people who sell for you are complex too. Our proven methodology will enable you to clearly identify the strengths and development needs of your sales function, thereby linking your talent strategy with your business strategy.
Bloojam will help you to make great hiring decisions
Understanding the capabilities of your successful people sets the benchmark against which to measure and assess the capabilities of potential new recruits. Our evidence-based, in-depth assessment solutions will ensure that new hires are able to hit the ground running.
Bloojam will help you retain great salespeople
Understanding your people, using this knowledge not only to recruit but also to recognise and reward attainment and to develop their capabilities further will create a culture of success. The result is improved engagement, increased retention, and an uplift in sales performance.
Bloojam will help you transform business performance through improved employee performance
Business transformation requires people transformation and cultural change. Getting to the core of what your sales talent looks like will allow you to replicate that talent and to nurture it to deliver your business goals. With Bloojam, your talent strategy will deliver your business strategy.

"To be successful you must accept all the challenges that come your way. You can't just accept the ones you like."

– Mike Gafka

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