Bloojam’s sales development tools are delivered virtually. You can continue to support the development of your salespeople even if they work from home.
Your salespeople don’t all look and sound the same. So, surely the development and training that you invest in should reflect their differences?

Focusing on sales behaviour, rather than the sales process, Bloojam targets those capabilities that are statistically proven to contribute to exceptional sales performance.

We know this from our own research. We know this from real data gathered whilst working with clients. We know this from the results of case studies that enable us to say, with confidence, that those sales capabilities will account for up to 23% more in revenue per month.

Here at Bloojam, we combine our knowledge of behavioural psychology, insights from global experts in a range of social sciences with our sophisticated data analytics to identify development needs at an individual, team and functional level. This enables us to develop targeted interventions, build the right capabilities that will drive your sales performance and maximise the ROI from your training budget.

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