Put people at the heart of your sales transformation journey.

More than two-thirds of commercial transformations are doomed to fail. The primary cause of that failure arises from organisations failing to adopt the new behaviours quickly enough.

Too often, organisations focus on process and methodology but fail to invest in the human element. Yet to truly transform the sales function, it is critical to support individuals as they adapt to a more strategic way of selling. However, to provide the right support it is vital to be clear about the capabilities that define high performance.

The Acuity for Strategic Sales framework provides the answer. Acuity defines the key drivers, attributes and behaviours that are proven to deliver a 23% increase in revenue. Our innovative assessment tool enables organisations to evaluate these capabilities at individual and group level across the sales function.

The Acuity analytics tool delivers actionable insights into the hands of sales leaders by benchmarking their sales function against the market and clearly signposting both strengths and development priorities.

Use the Acuity Analytics to achieve the following:

  • Benchmark current capability against the market
  • Establish a baseline against which you can measure behavioural change
  • Highlight strengths and development priorities of individuals, teams and functions
  • Identify Sales Exemplars who can act as transformation champions
  • Distinguish between SKILL and WILL when it comes to individual capability
  • Identify the development interventions that will have the greatest impact

The personal report outputs from the Acuity Online assessments enable salespeople, line managers and coaches to:

  • Encourage personal ownership and self-insight
  • Clearly understand individual strengths and development priorities
  • Share personalised feedback on the capabilities that drive sales success
  • Provide targeted development activities appropriate to individual needs
  • Create a framework for ongoing coaching conversations

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