At Bloojam we don’t always work alone, in fact we prefer to focus on what we’re really good at and use trusted partners to deliver what they’re really good at. Below are key partners who we work with regularly:

Lammore – Training Partner

Lammore Consulting are an award-winning sales and management training company, accredited by the ISMM, ILM, CPD Standards Office and CMI. Founded in 2002, their team of highly experienced and successful business professionals have a proven ability to deliver behavioural change to transform your business. At Lammore Consulting they understand that success is the result of implementing a series of basic disciplines and processes which lead to the adoption of positive habits. True and lasting success comes from naturally carrying out learnt procedures and methods.

Head Light – 360 Partner

Head Light is a leading talent management software specialist supporting organisations with their 360 degree feedback, performance management, succession planning, skills management and employee engagement. We work across the public and private sectors and with smaller sized businesses through to large organisations. We are proud to help power the 360 degree feedback offered by Bloojam Consulting.

Bloojam Partners