Bupa is embarking on an ambitious new strategy for corporate clients aimed at becoming the most trusted partner for workplace health and wellbeing. A key aspect of this is to improve the experience of intermediaries and clients. This requires the transformation of the sales team into one that better understands the challenges of their customers so that they can become meaningful partners and trusted advisors to them.
Bloojam case study with Arup
Arup is a global collective of designers, engineering and sustainability consultants, advisors and experts dedicated to sustainable development, and to using imagination, technology and rigour to shape a better world.
Being more Influential is central to the Arup strategy as the firm aspires to build more purposeful relationships and networks with clients and partners to shape a better world. Critical to this ambition is the need for individuals to grow from being technical experts, who dispense excellent client service, to trusted advisors who increase their impact through purposeful relationships across a broader network of stakeholders.
Global, the UK’s largest commercial radio network, owning brands such as Heart, Capital, and LBC among others did not have a universally applied approach to sales which created a disparity in the skills and capabilities of the network’s salespeople. In particular the ability of the salesperson to understand their customer’s needs, and to test the customer’s intention to purchase, had been identified internally as areas requiring further development. Best practice (i.e. what good looked like) was not well defined, which made embedding core sales skills a challenge.

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