Who needs customer service skills training?

Just 12% of the population is likely to be strong on both customer service skills and sales according to recent research from leading assessment consultancy Talent Q. If you apply that to your business, then nearly 9 in 10 of your staff would benefit from targeted customer service skills training. The key is to make sure you fully understand exactly what it is about customer service skills that your staff need by undertaking a thorough training needs analysis to enable you to maximise the return on your training budget.

If you have any of the following issues, we can help:

  • High staff turnover or short-term tenure risk
  • Poor call quality
  • Low average order value
  • KPIs and targets being missed

Our Customer Service Skills assessments enable you to identify both individual and team training needs for your customer service staff. Using powerful personality tests we add scientific rigour to the training needs analysis, helping you to quickly and accurately identify the existing customer service and/or sales skills of your team. We assess the motivation, attitude and ability of each candidate using our Customer Service Skills assessments to reveal critical information about an individual’s customer service qualities and their effectiveness in the core requirements of the role whether the emphasis is on customer service, sales or collections. Each individual’s profile is collated to reveal the key themes and specific training needs among the team, enabling you to quickly address these.

How can I improve and develop customer service skills?

Our customer service training is delivered by our specialist training partner, Lammore. The Customer Experience Principle programme covers leading theories on customer service and provides your staff with practical steps to implement these. The course offers plenty of opportunity for delegates to check their understanding and try out new techniques and strategies in a safe environment, where they’ll receive guidance and constructive feedback. The training programme also offers an assessment module with accreditation endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM).

To find out more about our customer service training offer, please contact us.

Customer Service Development