Popular in recruitment processes for high volume roles, an SJT is a powerful and cost-efficient sifting tool.

Bloojam SJTs assess both the “can” and the “will”. Can the candidate perform effectively in the role, and will they be motivated to do so? Candidates who are a poor ‘fit’ are sifted out at an early stage, and only the best candidates progress to the later (more expensive) stages of the recruitment process.

Bloojam offers experience and expertise in designing SJTs that are bespoke to your organisation and target role. We ensure each SJT reflects the realities of the role and your performance expectations, along with your brand, culture and values.

What is an SJT?
  • A recruitment sifting tool which is most cost-effective for high-volume recruitment.
  • A multiple-choice questionnaire based on a number of true-to-life job scenarios; candidates are asked to rate the best and worst options from a range of responses to each scenario.
  • Bespoke to the role and your organisation; scenarios are based on real-life job events and are scored using your own benchmarks of high performance in the role.
  • Gives you a cut-off score to deselect the candidates who aren’t suitable to progress to the next stage of the selection process.
How much does an SJT cost?

We offer 3 payment options to best suit your recruitment volumes and annual recruitment budget:

  1. Pay the design cost in total, with no subsequent “per candidate” cost for the SJT.
  2. Annual subscription model with an agreed annual minimum number of candidates: “per candidate” fees as low as £7.50 per head based on 50 candidates per week.
  3. A hybrid of options 1) and 2).

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