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Sales Recruitment

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Recruiting the wrong people for your sales team can lead to poor performance, high staff turnover and increased costs through having to continually repeat the recruitment process. Recruiting top-performing salespeople will boost your business and your bottom line. But how do you do that when every candidate you interview tells you that they were the No.1 sales executive in their last role?

How should I assess candidates for a sales role?

Using powerful sales psychometric assessments we add scientific rigour to your sales recruitment process, helping you to get it right first time. We assess the skills, motivations and attitudes of each candidate using our Salesperson Select assessments to reveal critical information about an individual’s sales style and their effectiveness across eight stages of the sales process. This is information that cannot be measured in an interview alone.

Salesperson Select

The Salesperson Select assessments include:

  • Candidate completion of SPQ® and Sales Cycle Questionnaire online
  • Full candidate management and set-up of candidate access to online system
  • Bespoke report with interview questions for the hiring manager

The Salesperson Select report can help to predict performance as early as the end of the first month of selling for new hires. This has been proven by getting prospective sales executives to complete the Sales Preference and Sales Cycle Questionnaires as part of the recruitment process. When the results of the candidates who were hired were compared against their performance in the first month of selling, it clearly highlighted key areas that would enable the business to predict high sales performance among new hires.

Salesperson Assessment

In addition to our online Salesperson Select assessments we are also able to offer more indepth face-to-face assessments. These build on the outputs from the Salesperson Select report by getting candidates to undertake role-plays and presentations that mirror elements of the sales process to enable you to confirm their effectiveness and performance.

To find out more about our sales recruitment offer, please contact us.