What is a sales personality test?

There are many personality tests that measure broad workplace attributes but few that measure what it takes to be a great salesperson. A sales personality test will help answer questions such as:

  • Which parts of the sales process are they most/least comfortable with?
  • How motivated are they to achieve their sales targets?
  • How likely are they to seek referrals?
  • How resilient are they?
  • How much focus will they place on sales prospecting?
Which personality tests should I use for sales recruitment or development?

At Bloojam we are an independent supplier of personality tests and we pride ourselves on offering the best online sales personality tests to enable your business to maximise sales performance.


The SPQ® is a uniquely sales-focused online psychometric assessment that directly assesses the motivation, style and sales effectiveness of salespeople against 18 critical outputs. For example, it assesses how comfortable an individual is with cold calling, their willingness to ask for referrals and their clarity and focus on their sales targets.

What difference can the SPQ® make?
This is a powerful sales personality tool for any business wishing to maximise the performance of their sales team. For one client the SPQ® profile of a successful salesperson was shown to deliver an average 37% increase in sales per person (£28k per person), amounting to a net sales increase of £1.8million for the business. By understanding the sales qualities that lead to success, the business was able to recruit new sales people with confidence and to pinpoint the specific training needs of the existing sales team.

How is SPQ® different from other psychometric tests?

Most personality test providers will offer a general workplace questionnaire from which they derive generic work place behaviours and apply these to salespeople. The SPQ® is unique in assessing attributes that specifically and directly relate to lead generation and prospecting. For instance, it assesses:

  • Comfort with cold calling
  • Focus on sales targets
  • Willingness to ask for referrals
  • Tendency to give in to client demands
  • Tendency to over-analyse and under-act


There are a number of sales personality tests that provide insight into an individual’s likely comfort and effectiveness across different elements of a typical sales cycle. This enables you to determine the type of sales environment in which a salesperson will be most effective. It can also identify areas where development or training can improve their overall sales performance. A typical output would report on an individual’s preferences in relation to:

  • Developing a Plan
  • Making Contact
  • Building Desire
  • Fact Finding
  • Identifying Needs
  • Presenting Solutions
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing the Sale
How can my business use these tools?

For recruitment Bloojam helps you to combine the insights from our sales personality tests with a robust interview or assessment centre process to identify the best sales performers among your candidates.

For training and development we can help you to target your sales training budget to focus on the specific needs of your sales team as identified by our sales personality tests.

To find out more about how profiling for sales personality can help your business or to request a sample report, please contact us.

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