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Sales Development

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What are the development needs of my sales team?

Our Sales Development assessments enable you to identify both individual and team training needs for your sales team. Using powerful sales psychometrics we add scientific rigour to the training needs analysis, helping you to quickly and accurately identify the existing sales skills and training needs of your sales team. We assess the motivation, attitude and ability of each candidate using our online Sales Development assessments to reveal critical information about an individual’s sales skills and their effectiveness across different stages of the sales process. Each individual’s profile is collated to reveal the key themes and sales training needs among the entire salesforce, enabling you to quickly address these.

The Sales Development assessments include:

  • Candidate completion of SPQ® and Sales Cycle Questionnaire online
  • Full candidate management and set-up of candidate access to online system
  • Analysis of results and creation of sales team training needs report

Sales Skills Assessment

In addition to our online sales development assessments we are also able to offer more indepth face-to-face assessments. These build on the outputs from the Sales Development report by getting your sales executives to undertake role-plays and presentations that mimic elements of the sales process to enable you to further understand their sales skills, personality and performance. It also enables your salespeople to practice their sales techniques, to receive feedback and to try out new approaches, all in a safe and supportive environment.

Sales Team Training

Our sales development programme is delivered by our specialist training partner, Lammore. Their award-winning Single Sales Principle® programme is an industry-leading sales training course endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM).  Sales follows a simple formula. No matter which way you look at it, it always comes back to a single, fundamental principle: the Single Sales Principle®. The Single Sales Principle® states that ‘people buy when a compelling need is matched with a credible solution that offers perceived value.’  The course introduces the DECIDE sales process, a methodology designed specifically to achieve The Single Sales Principle®.

This can be delivered as an off-the-shelf course or bespoke to the development needs identified using our Sales Team Develop package.

To find out more about how our offer will help you to build a high-performing sales team, please contact us.