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Bloojam Redesigns Call Centre Recruitment for Major Insurer

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

When a major UK insurer undertook a review of their call centre recruitment process they identified a number of issues:

  • The existing exercise materials were in the public domain, shared on online forums by candidates.
  • Recruitment agencies were coaching their candidates to help them pass.
  • The role-play was not challenging enough as few people were failing that element of the assessment process.
  • In addition the business was experiencing very high short-term tenure where new recruits failed to stay beyond their initial induction period.

Bloojam reviewed the existing materials and took the following steps:

  1. Designed an additional set of questions to assess role-fit during the telephone interview so that candidates who are a poor ‘fit’ are sifted out at the start of the recruitment process (thereby reducing the volume and increasing the quality of candidates coming through).
  2. Designed parallel versions of the interview so that these can be regularly rotated to eliminate the risk of candidates knowing which questions they will be asked.
  3. Updated the role-play exercise to make it more challenging for candidates.

The changes were received favourably by the business and Management Information has indicated a higher ‘reject’ rate at telephone interview, which has increased the quality of candidates coming through to the face-to-face assessments. Line managers also reported being more comfortable with how to identify high calibre candidates during the role-play exercise.