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Bloojam helps airline programme management department to take off

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Bloojam has successfully delivered a series of personalised management development sessions for a major international airline.

In 2014 the airline decided to create a single project management department to manage strategic change programmes across the organisation by merging various project management teams from across the business. Having done so senior managers were keen to better understand the strengths and development needs of staff within the new department.

During the first half of 2015 Bloojam delivered one-to-one development sessions for 30 staff, providing confidential feedback on the results of psychometric tests and 360 questionnaires to enable individuals to identify their own personal development needs. Crucially, the aim of each session was to support each individual in creating a personalised development plan with specific actions that they could own and be responsible for.

For the business key themes were reported at role level to enable senior leaders to fully understand the needs of their teams and to provide targeted support. One senior manager noted that as a result of Bloojam’s support, “individuals have become much more proactive about their own development. Rather than expecting us to offer support and training they now have a clear set of actions that they can achieve themselves.”