How do I identify the future leaders in our business?

At Bloojam we do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to leadership and executive development. We will work with you to ensure we fully understand:

  • the business vision and strategy
  • the skills and qualities you need in your leaders to meet your vision and drive your strategy
  • the existing culture, leadership strengths and deficits
  • your desired goals from the leadership development programme

We will then create a bespoke leadership development programme which is likely to incorporate a number of different tools, such as:

  • in-depth interviews
  • personality questionnaires
  • leadership judgement tools
  • executive team types and/or culture audit
  • emotional intelligence questionnaire
  • risk appetite questionnaire
  • objective assessment exercises such as a strategic business case analysis
  • 360 questionnaires to enable the individual to understand how they are perceived by others

The output will be a comprehensive picture of an individual’s leadership style, their qualities, values, motivations and abilities. Depending on the aims of the leadership development programme, the output will enable you to maximise each individual’s strengths and to provide targeted support to address their specific development needs. At a group level we can provide powerful feedback to aid an understanding of executive team dynamics and where to target your training budget.

To find out more about how we have successfully delivered our management development services for British Airways, please read here.

For senior leaders you may require something more in-depth. Typically an executive / leadership assessment process will last between half a day and a full day for each candidate. Our input is scalable to your in-house expertise and your budget. We can design bespoke exercises and deliver a process tailored to the specific needs of your business, or we can source on your behalf the best off-the-shelf assessment exercises from the market and support you in using these.

How do I develop managers into leaders?
How can I get my executive team to work together more effectively?
What should our leadership development programme consist of?

Our leadership development programme, The Art of Leadership, is delivered by our specialist training partner, Lammore. True leadership is a very personal concept, and, using the three key elements of Vision, Passion and Action, we show people how to harness their personal styles and capabilities to develop powerful and authentic leadership behaviours. The programmes are fully bespoke and based upon our findings from auditing your leadership team. This flexible approach means that we can offer focused training support comprising anything from one-day seminars to modular, integrated programmes of up to 18 months that include experiential elements.

To supplement and reinforce our leadership training offer we also offer executive coaching support. This enables each individual to discuss their learning with an experienced coaching professional with the aim of setting clear and measurable objectives regarding how they intend to act on and embed the knowledge they have gained back into their workplace.

To find out more about our leadership development offer, please contact us.

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