“C-suite executives report that only one out of five executives hired from outside are viewed as high performers at the end of their first year in house. And ultimately, of the 40% of leaders who are hired from outside each year, nearly half fail within the first 18 months.”

At Bloojam we are independent experts, choosing the best psychometric tools and assessment techniques when recruiting leaders and future leaders for your business.

How should I assess my leadership candidates?

At Bloojam we do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the executive assessment and leadership selection process. We will spend time getting to know your business, vision and the leadership qualities you are looking for. We will ensure we understand your company’s culture and what type of leadership style will complement your existing executive team. We will then design a bespoke assessment process that will identify not only the most competent candidate but also the individual who is the best fit for your organisation.

This is likely to incorporate a number of different tools, ranging from:

  • in-depth interviews
  • personality questionnaires
  • leadership judgement tools
  • objective assessment exercises such as a strategic business case analysis exercise

The output will be a comprehensive picture of a candidate’s leadership style, their qualities, values, motivations and abilities.

Typically an executive / leadership assessment process will last between half a day and a full day for each candidate.

Our input is scalable to your budget and in-house expertise. We can design and deliver a bespoke process tailored to the specific needs of your business, or we can source the best off-the-shelf leadership assessment exercises on your behalf and support you in using these.

To find out more about our executive assessment offer, please contact us.

Executive Assessment