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About Us

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Established in 2005, we are a firm of business psychologists and HR specialists who support companies to recruit, train and develop their staff; from employees in operational roles, to customer service personnel and sales executives, to line managers, people leaders and senior executives.

“Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage.”

– Sir Richard Branson

We utilise our expertise in psychometric testing and face-to-face assessment to enable businesses to identify the key skills and behaviours of prospective candidates and to address the development needs of their existing employees. Our methods enable companies to achieve the following:

  • To reduce the costs of recruiting by utilising online psychometric testing and reducing the number of stages associated with the recruitment process;
  • To increase the speed of hire thereby enabling businesses to fill vacancies more quickly;
  • To reduce staff turnover by ensuring that candidates are a good fit to the role, are motivated by the job and are therefore more likely to stay;
  • To increase productivity and drive improved business performance by clearly identifying and addressing development needs at individual and team level that directly relate to success in the role.

How can you help me to understand the people issues in my business?

Whilst the problems you face may be clear, the causes of these are less obvious. For example high staff turnover may be down to a number of issues from a recruitment process that is identifying the ‘wrong’ candidates to poor people management skills among your leaders. We will work with you to identify and understand the root causes of the problems you face so that our recruitment solutions deliver the results that you expect.

 How can you help me to improve the performance of my people?

We’ll design the right solution for you to enable you to clearly identify both the strengths and the development needs of your candidates and existing employees. Our assessment tools, including online psychometric tests, interactive work sample exercises and structured interviews, enable us to clearly identify an individual’s current performance and future potential. Our training and development services including development planning, coaching and sales and leadership training, mean that we can provide a seamless service that clearly links recruitment to staff development and retention.

 How can you help me to make sure my decision about a key hire is correct?

  • Depending on the size and scope of your needs we can recommend off-the-shelf exercises or design bespoke selection tools including screening criteria, telephone interviews, situational judgement tests, face-to-face interviews and assessment centre exercises (e.g. group exercises, in-trays, presentations and role-plays).
  • We make use of psychometric tests to assess skills such as verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, and leadership judgement.
  • We undertake measures of personality to understand an individual’s workplace behaviour, leadership styles, management derailers and emotional intelligence. We are licenced to provide many of the most popular psychometric tools including OPQ32, Wave, NEO PI-R, Hogan Development Survey (HDS), Dimensions, Profile:Match and Strengthscope.

How can you help me to retain my employees and spend less time and money on recruitment?

  • By designing streamlined, end-to-end recruitment processes including competency frameworks and competency based assessments that increase the quality of your candidate assessment.
  • Assessing candidate’s motivation for the role, as well as capability, to ensure that you hire people who want to work for you and perform well.
  • Make use of online psychometrics to get a better understanding of your candidates current capability and future potential whilst reducing the time it takes you to hire people.

 How can you help me to improve my business by increasing employee performance?

  • By using your performance data to identify what motivations, abilities and behaviours separate your top performers from the rest, thereby enabling you to use this information in future recruitment activities.
  • By thoroughly assessing employees using psychometric tools (e.g. Myers-Briggs MBTI) and interactive exercises (e.g. group exercises, in-trays, presentations and role-plays) to identify their key development needs which can then be addressed through our training and development activities.
  • By providing developmental activities that inspire and engage our delegates and are directly linked to success in the role.