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A well run 360 feedback survey can produce many benefits for both companies and more importantly, individuals. Not only does a robust 360 feedback process identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, but it also helps to develop their self-awareness.

But what about from a sales lens? How can the use of 360 feedback truly help improve the performance of your sales team?

  • It helps you to nurture your sales stars
    360 feedback allows you to compare your salespeople to each other, by looking at their performance against a number of criteria that are critical to success in a strategic sales role. This will help you identify high potential within your team and support succession planning for your key accounts.
  • Pinpoints the strengths and limitations of your sales team
    Using 360 feedback to identify individual strengths and development areas will help you to identify mentors and peer-coach partnerships within your team, or match people to roles that best fit their profile.
  • Identifies training needs
    360 feedback is a powerful way to look at the trends and common development needs of your sales team, so that you can focus your interventions and spend your training budget wisely.
  • Fosters a feedback culture
    The best salespeople are open to learning, and proactively seek feedback and personal growth**. Using a carefully and sensitively implemented 360 programme can be a powerful springboard for a culture where feedback is routinely and expertly given.

Here at Bloojam we’ve recently launched Acuity® 360, a unique 360 feedback tool, specifically designed for sales teams.

While typical 360 feedback assessments tend to reveal the views of a number of critical players, such as Line Managers, Peers and Direct Reports, what makes Acuity® 360 different is that it:

  • is based upon our Acuity® for Strategic Sales model – a comprehensive, research-led analysis of the key qualities that drive success in a strategic sales role, and…
  • allows you to hear directly from your most important stakeholder group: your customers – what do they think of your salespeople?

Is it time to improve the performance of your sales teams? Then click here to find out more about Acuity® 360.

* Le Meunier-FitzHugh, K. & Douglas, T. (2016), Achieving a Strategic Sales Focus. Oxford University Press

** Pink, D. H (2009). Drive. The Surprising Truth about what motivates us. Cannongate Books.