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Acuity for Strategic Sales

Acuity for Strategic Sales Bloojam

Research shows that in a strategic sales environment the sales process has become increasingly complex;

  • customers are more informed about your products and services before they contact you
  • there are multiple stakeholders and decision-makers within the client organisation, each with their own needs and priorities
  • as the cost of the solution increases, buyers become more cautious so that it becomes more critical to show the solution’s value
  • as a result the sales process often takes months

No surprise then that in this new sales landscape there is a clear need for salespeople to adapt their selling practices. Customers want your salespeople to act as trusted advisors who can add insight and value, not just a transactional seller.

We have undertaken a wide-ranging and comprehensive review of nearly 50 years of credible sales research covering tens of thousands of salespeople to identify the 9 key capabilities required of salespeople engaged in strategic selling:


Acuity for Strategic Sales Model

Incorporate the strategic sales model into your recruitment process so that you can identify your sales ‘stars’.

Use the strategic sales model among your existing sales teams to identify individual and group development needs and get better outcomes from your training budget.

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What is a strategic sale?

A sale that is complex in nature due to the product or service being sold, the number of business functions involved on the seller side, the number of buyers involved, and/or the duration of the sale.

What is different about this assessment?

It focuses on assessing the key personal attributes, drivers and behaviours required to be successful in a strategic sales environment. These are derived from credible research and based on data from 10,000s of salespeople. Critically, these factors will determine success even in the face of economic and market uncertainty.

When would I use it?

Before final stage interview in order to gain an in-depth understanding of shortlisted candidates and what questions to ask at final interview.

60% of B2B buyers don’t want to talk to a salesperson until they have researched potential suppliers

(Sales Perception Survey, Hubspot 2016)

The average number of people involved in B2B purchases has grown to 6.8

(The New Sales Imperative, CEB 2017)

There is no single client decision-maker. 59% of buyers have formal buying groups in place to review purchases

(B2B Buyer’s Survey, Demand Gen 2017)

The average B2B sale now takes 4.9 months

(The New Sales Imperative, CEB 2017)

79% of B2B buyers agree that a salesperson needs to act as a ‘trusted advisor’ to their business

(State of the Connected Customer, Salesforce 2016)

The top sales challenge identified by sales professionals is getting the customer to buy now

(Sales Perception Survey, Hubspot 2016)